Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

Author Vincent Gaddis was the first to coin the phrase “Bermuda Triangle” in the men’s pulp publication Argosy in 1964. Charles Berlitz, whose family developed the well-known line of language learning programs, had a keen interest in the supernatural. In his best-selling book “The Bermuda Triangle,” published in 1974, he advanced the thesis that Atlantis was not only genuine but also somehow related to the triangle. Since then, countless books, journals, television programs, and websites have propagated the mystery. Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

 Where Is The Bermuda Triangle Located?

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

The Devil’s Triangle commonly referred to as the Bermuda Triangle, is a location in the western North Atlantic Ocean where several ships are alleged to have vanished under unexplained circumstances.

Possible explanations behind the Bermuda Triangle

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Numerous explanations for the riddle have been put out through time. Some authors have built upon Berlitz’s theories about Atlantis, speculating that the legendary city may be submerged beneath the waves and allegedly use its “crystal energies” to bring down ships and airplanes. Extraterrestrials, including rumors of underwater alien bases, and time portals are some of the more fantastical theories. The reason why a rift in the space-time fabric of the cosmos would open up in a well-traveled ocean is unexplainable.

Others still think that there is a geological or hydrological explanation that is highly uncommon. For instance, it’s possible that pockets of flammable methane gas, which are known to exist in large quantities under the sea, can cause ships and airplanes to crash and disappear. This can happen when lightning or an electrical spark ignites a large bubble of methane that rises to the surface right next to a ship or aircraft. This argument has some glaring logical flaws, such as the fact that methane occurs naturally throughout the earth and that such an incident has never been reported.

Some Other Theories

Others propose unexpected rogue tides. Or perhaps there are some unexplained geomagnetic anomalies that cause navigational difficulties, confuse the pilots, and ultimately lead them to crash into the ocean. However, pilots are trained to fly even when there is a loss of electronic navigation, so that theory doesn’t account for ship disappearances. The Navy actually disproves this claim on its website, saying: “One of the two locations on earth where a magnetic compass points towards true north has been incorrectly identified as the Bermuda Triangle.

A compass typically points in the direction of magnetic north. Compass variation refers to the distinction between the two. Due to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, the Bermuda Triangle region has reportedly not been affected by this compass variation since the nineteenth century”.

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

A smart skeptic or scientist should first wonder if there is actually any mystery to solve before accepting any of these theories.

There is no mystery behind unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, according to a journalist by the name of Larry Kusche. In-depth re-examination of the “strange disappearances” by Kusche revealed that the narrative was mostly the product of errors, mystery-mongering, and in some cases, plain falsification, all of which were reported as fact.

In other cases, the planes and ships are said to have perished in the underwater triangular graveyard that is unrecorded; they only existed in a writer’s imagination. In other instances, the ships and aircraft were legitimately present, but Berlitz and others failed to disclose that they “mysteriously disappeared” amid severe storms. Sometimes the ships sank a long way from the Bermuda Triangle.

Even though the Bermuda Triangle has been categorically disproven for decades, it continues to be presented as an “unsolved mystery” in new publications, usually by authors who are more concerned with creating a sensation than with the truth. Time portals, Atlantis, subterranean UFO bases, geomagnetic abnormalities, tidal surges, or any other phenomenon are ultimately unnecessary. Sloppy research and dramatic, mystery-mongering novels provide a much easier answer for the Bermuda Triangle riddle.

Many people who tend to believe fantastic tales and strange explanations have been attracted by the Bermuda Triangle, while skeptics have a completely different perspective on the region.

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