Here are some amazing facts about Nepal!

1. Sandwiched between two Asian giants, China and India, Nepal has been characterized as “a yam caught between two rocks.”

2. Nepal does not celebrate an independence day because they had never been under any foreign occupation. The nation is the oldest country in South Asia.

3. Did you know, that out of world’s highest top 10 peaks, Nepal has got 8 of them including world’s highest Peak “Mt. Everest” which is 8,848m called ‘Eight-thousander’, which is known in this way for having a land elevation higher than 8000 metres (26,247 ft) high above sea level.

4. Nepal is still alive and moving! The Indo-Australian plate under Nepal is supposed to travel 1,500 km into Asia in the next ten million years.

5. Yetis or locally known as ‘Meh-Teh’ are said to have been spotted in the mountains of Nepal, at the off-beaten Himalayan treks. Largely regarded by the scientific community as a myth, the yeti is actually a part of Nepali folklore and is said to live high in the snow-capped Himalayas.

6. Nepal has the most unique national flag in the whole world. There is only one non rectangular flag in the world, which is of Nepal. It’s proved in the history of Nepal, that Design of Nepali flag is over 2000 years old.

7. Also known as the City of Ponds, Janakpur boasts of more than seventy ponds Janakpur, also known as Janakpurdham, was found in the early 18th century. It is a sub-metropolitan city in Dhanusa District of Nepal. It is also the third largest city in the Terai region after Biratnagar and Birgunj, and it is the seventh largest city in Nepal. 

8. Nepal has the only living goddess in the world, the Kumari. Kumari means virgin in Nepali and is the tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy in Hindu religious traditions.

9. Nepali time is 45 minutes off of the Coordinated Universal Time. The time in Nepal is based on Mt Everest, and not the time zone lines. There are only three time zones with a 45-minute offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and Nepal Standard Time (NST) is one of them.

10. Bel Bibaha or commonly known as ‘Iha’ is a ceremony in the Newar community in which pre-adolescent girls are married to wood apple fruit. The wood apple fruit is a symbol for Lord Kumar, son of Lord Shiva, (one of the most divine deities in Hinduism) as a bridegroom.

12. You’d be surprised to know that in 2019, Nepal won 51 gold medals in the 13th South Asian Games. Also, Gaurika Singh not just became the first-ever Nepali swimmer to win an individual gold, but also by winning Four golds, two silvers, and a bronze she became the most successful Nepalese Athlete.

That was it for Nepal. Do let us know how did you like these facts in the comments section below!.