Palm Springs: The Golf Capital Of The World

Located on the western edge of the Colorado Desert of Southern California, Palm Springs is known as the Golf Capital of the World. It’s located in the pristine location of Riverside County.

Like most California hotspots, Palm Springs isn’t on the coast. The city is inland, a bit east of the popular Southern California cities you know and love; namely, LA and San Diego.

Palm Springs is majorly known for its number of golf courses in the vicinity of each other. There are over a hundred golf courses in Palm Springs. The most famous of these golf courses are namely Escena Golf Club, Indian Canyons Golf Club, Tahquitz Golf Club, Desert Dunes Golf Club, O’Donnel Golf Club, Seven Lakes Country Club, Bel Air Greens.

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Not just the courses, Palm Springs’ view through the mountains is a view to die for. You can easily find view spots for these purposes with a huge amount of peace and quiet as these aren’t known by many.

Why Golf In Palm Springs?

Palm Springs has a beautiful climate with scenic desert views! It is the ideal location for a weekend golf package or Palm Springs vacation. Palm Springs has a multitude of hotels & resorts in a stone’s throw distance of art galleries, restaurants, golf courses and other recreational and tourism opportunities.

Professional Golf Tournaments

For many years, Palm Springs is the home to many golf tournaments, all year round. Championship play in Palm Springs is viewed as commonplace as more than 35 major tournaments are held in the many courses here.

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Many major golfing tournaments like Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, Nabisco Championship, and even Skins games are hosted here each year.


Palm Springs has a hot desert climate with over 300 days of sunshine and just a tad bit more than a hundred centimetres of precipitation throughout the year.

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This makes the best time to visit palm springs be around January to April when the weather is most hospitable and bearable. Fall temperatures are nice and bearable as well but sometimes humidity can ruin the mood.

Top Cultural Events

Palm Springs International Film Festival and ShortFest showcase movie star-filled red carpet premieres in usually January and June respectively.

Modernism Week, which showcases mid-century modern architecture through films is an 11-day event, in February.

Black History Month is also celebrated with great pomp and show with parades in February.

You can see live ongoing events happening in palm springs through its Wikipedia Section of Arts and culture.

To-Do List

Everything in palm springs is appealing to everyone; from architecture nerds to sports enthusiasts and even foodies.

Bike rides

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Palm springs are laden with all the beautifully colourful homes with a gorgeous display of architecture. You can take a freeing self-guided tour of the locality and freshen the architecture nerd inside you.

Swimming/Pool Activities

A great fact about palm springs is that most pools in palm springs are open to the public if one tends to buy something to eat or drink or pays a small cover charge.

Foodies’ Haven

With many different cuisines being mastered in different kitchens in the same city, one can easily find something of their liking without having to starve their tastebuds.

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Let Palm springs call out to not only the golf enthusiasts but also the traveller in you. We hope you have a great time exploring Palm Springs.

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