Places to Post your Video Once Done

It is imperative to showcase your videos at more than one platforms in order to gain the viewership of users of different social media platforms. In this article you will learn where to post your videos after completion.


Posting your video content on YouTube may appear inevitable as YouTube is the second biggest web search platform (behind Google), the second most well-known web-based media stage and literally a hub for videos. In any case, posting on YouTube isn’t actually about posting one video and anticipating that the audience should come to you. It is about establishing your personality as a video creator.


These social media platforms are quite widely used and the content on these platforms is regularly consumed by the users. These platforms are used by people of almost all ages and posting on these platforms will help you build a social identity and presence.


This is a good platform to secure a professional place for yourself. Posting your content here will actually bring you in light as a professional and not just someone who creates videos for fun. This platform can eventually be really good for your growth.


Considering your video as a component of a public marked blog on Medium is an extraordinary method to pull readers who have been following your blog and add esteem that may push them to turn into a creator. While you may have your own blog on your organization site, republishing an adaptation on Medium where the Medium people group can view, remark, and “applaud” (what might be compared to the like) can likewise draw in new crowds, too.


Vimeo is quite possibly the most well known and easy to use video facilitating platform on the web, and is different from YouTube in some huge manners. Since Vimeo’s image stresses inventiveness and more excellent creations, you’ll need to put your best recordings on Vimeo to draw in with other video makers on the stage who may be more intrigued by your creation’s special offerings.

Tumblr and Twitter:

While not related similarly as Instagram and Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter have comparative utility with regards to drawing in new guests utilizing hashtags. These platforms do offer a different set of viewership that Instagram or Facebook might fail to offer. Leave no stone unturned and post your creations here as well.


If your video features things that are popular on Pinterest, then you should undoubtedly post your videos on the site. For example, if your video is about beauty or fashion or even food, Pinterest is definitely the right place for your creation.


There are many other places to post your videos, yet these are the most effective ones. Do let us know in the comments if we missed something.

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