Possible Ways The Universe Can Come To An End

Do you remember your grandmother telling stories about how the world eventually started and how one day this world will end and a new one will start? We don’t know if the stories she told us are true about the end of this world but to know the possible ways of the world ending, sure why not?

What are the possible ways the world can come to an end?

Well, we exactly don’t how this world we are living in is going to end but scientists do have some possible theories by which the world can end. Is the whole world going to be drowned or will there be a zombie apocalypse as we see in the movies and TV shows? Maybe not that horrifying end but sure this world will end and a new one will start.

We all know how this world started 13.8 billion years ago with a Big Bang (Not the Sheldon Cooper show!!) and expanded into different planets, stars, and whatnot. Nobody has seen a world-ending and nobody even knows how it happened. It’s just all our guesses and theories which the scientists try to discover and prove.

The Big Bang


Some astrophysicists say that there will be a Big Crunch. Now, what is a big crunch? Big crunch might be the opposite of what happened during the big bang. It is the reverse of the universe expansion and everything in our universe will collide. The big bang will not continue forever and one day it might stop expanding, which will lead to a collapse and will pull everything towards itself. This will thus result in a big black hole.

Then the next prediction scientists made was either death by heat or by freezing. This was what we all might have imagined while we were kids. The sun will be big as hell and will burn everything in the universe or could be the other way around. The sun might go farther and farther away from us that we will be freezing to death. The point is either of the temperatures will be extreme whether it is cold or hot.


Another could be possible theory is the Big Rip. The Big Rip, as the name suggests, the universe will expand so much that all the matters in it, like the stars, galaxies, atoms, and subatomic particles everything will be torn apart. According to this theory, the whole universe will tear apart and will be into shreds.


Vacuum decay or also known as Big Slurp is another possibility through which our world can end. This theory states that a true vacuum bubble will form in the field associated with the Higgs boson and will destroy everything until it’s nothing. This vacuum bubble can only happen when the black hole evaporates in the wrong way. This vacuum bubble can expand at the speed of light and will be the ultimate fate of the universe.

All these predictions are just theories and none of them has been proved by scientists. Even if some of these predictions will be true then it would never in a night it will take another billion years. So, nothing to be worried about for now.

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