Qualities of a Good Explainer Video

Explainer Videos are those which explain, be it anything. It is essential that thee videos satisfy the reason why they’re created in the first place. Here are some qualities that a good explainer video must possess.

Script is Important

Being accurate with your answers is important but what is even more important is paying attention to your script and the quality of the script. So focus on the way you are presenting your content, it should always be a blend of accuracy and attractiveness.

Do Not Beat Around the Bush

A little conversation and interaction with the consumers of your content causes no harm but do not deviate from the point. People refer to the content on the internet for straight up knowledge and if they do not get to the point answers, they might end up skipping to the next source.

Know and Understand your Consumers

Consumers are the most important aspect of your business. It is imperative that you know who are real and potential consumers, that way you will know your target audience. After you have figured your audience out, understand and analyse their needs in order to deliver exactly what your consumers need.

The Fun Should Not Be Missing

Nobody comes and watches an entire video if it is boring. The video has to be fun and interesting to actually gain the kind of attention that it needs. People tend to bend towards content that actually lightens up their mood.

Use Appropriate Background Sound

The background sound that your video should have is pretty important. The right background sound can do wonders for your video, just be very picky with the kind of sound you want to include.

Nice Voice-overs and Texts Never Go Out of Style

Anything that makes your content look attractive should be a part of your video. Good voice-overs make the audience engage more and fancy fonts just add that little extra edge that your video needs. Beautiful things sell fast and as content creators, it should be an important goal to make your content look attractive.

Keep it Short and Crisp

People come to the internet for relaxation from their otherwise taxing day. A normal individual usually refrains from picking up something too lengthy to watch. People rather end up picking videos that are short and deliver exactly what they need to learn about. So keep your video as concise and precise but do not forget to miss out on the fun factor that draws your consumers towards your content.

Keep Improving your Skills with Animation

Explainer videos revolve around good animation. The better the animation the easier it will be to convey the purpose of the video. So keep honing your animation skills. Some good softwares to use are Animaker, Powtoon, etc.


These are the basic tactics that you need to keep in mind when working on an Explainer video. Though you learn most of them while working but nobody hates some prior guidance.

Refer to this video for an even better understanding of how to work on an Explainer video.

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