Is It Worth Going To Redwood National Park?

Redwood National and State Park is a magnificent blend of several other states and national parks, niched away along the northern coast of California, USA. Spread over an area of about 139,000 acres, this mesmerizing beauty houses a variety of flora and fauna. This includes some of the tallest and oldest species of trees, making it a treat to anyone who loves nature. 

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Even though the Redwood National Park seems like a nature retreat, it’s not confined to just trees and mystical forests. The National Park offers a variety of other activities that are sure to intrigue you. From golden sand-filled beaches with striking sunsets to clear gushing rivers, the Park is the perfect place for an outing to de-stress

This Park is like different cloths sewn together so beautifully, it captures the essence of so many diverse communities. This majestic National Park is much more than meets the eye, you never know where the serene path could lead you to. We think you should find out for yourselves!

How To Get There?

Now that this national park has seemed to enchant you, you must be wondering how to get there. Well, there are a lot of ways for you to get to this natural getaway.


Most people find it easier to fly to one of the bigger airports like San Francisco or Portland. From where they drive down to the Redwood National Park. However, Humboldt County has a local regional airport that can get you there in no time.


A lot of people consider taking a road trip, where they can drive around and explore most of it. The Oregon Coast (Highway 101) seems most apt for people who plan on visiting the north of the park. like Crescent City. We recommend taking either the California Coast (Highway 101) or Central California if you plan on exploring southern or central parts of the park. 

However, it is important to note that they charge about $30 for each vehicle.

Public transport:

This would be the cheapest yet most reliable way of getting there. Using public transport facilities like the Redwood Coast Transit (RCT) that can easily take you to any part of the park without much hassle. You could check out their website.

We would recommend using a map and carrying a guidebook that will make your experience of the Redwood National Park a success.

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Things To Do there

Redwood National Park welcomes everyone with open hands as there is a lot to explore.

From natural beauties like the Stout Grove and Jedediah Smith Redwoods to the calming Gold Bluffs beach to the peaceful Redwood Creek Overlook, Redwood National Park does not fail to surprise you every step of the way!

Stout Grove:

Groves like the Stout Grove tucked away in the far north of the park. You could also visit the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, a relatively small but striking feature of the park, that is a must-visit. These places are recommended especially if you plan on exploring the wilderness.

This is one of the most visited places in the Redwood National Park. The Stout Grove offers some of the oldest species of trees. And the best part about this place? You feel like you are a part of Jumanji!

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Gold Bluffs Beach:

There’s the Gold Bluffs Beach that calms you down after a long trek in the forest. Be sure to visit this beach which is perfect for camping and a little relaxing time. 

Want to escape the chaotic monotonous city lifestyle? This Beach is the perfect spot to just unwind and breathe in the breathtaking beauty of the golden bluffs that this beach oversees…


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Redwood Creek Overlook:

The sunset at the Redwood Creek Overlook is to die for…. As the sky turns from orange to purple to black, you are sure to remain baffled.

The perfect mixture of magical and tranquil is how you can describe the Redwood Creek Overlook to be. You’re sure to feel on top of the world as you witness the alluring merger of fluffy clouds and the cotton candy-colored sky.

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Redwood National Park would surely get you coming back, again.