Sturtevant Falls: The Stunning Waterfall Trail

Sturtevant Falls is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the Angeles National Forest. This hike is also one of the easiest and most adventurous waterfall hikes in the Los Angeles area. Although there is a steep descent in the first half-mile, it becomes a steep slope in the second half-mile when you return from the hike.

The trail is only about 3.6 miles long, which is convenient to cover for most people. It is located in the Grand Santa Anita Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains, just 10-15 minutes from Highway 210.  

Details Of Sturtevant Falls

  1. It is 600 feet altitude 
  2. It is mostly shaded 
  3. It is dog friendly 
  4. Adventure pass required to park 

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By far the most difficult thing you will encounter on this hike is to find a parking space. It is mostly full each time. On weekends, the parking lot can be parked half a mile across the street. So you should find a place to park and walk to the beginning of the trail. 

Please keep this in mind as you prepare for this excursion and arrive early or go on a working day. Also, keep in mind that if you cannot park in the main parking lot (probably not) or the $10 parking lot, you need to make sure you have the adventure pass while passing along the way. 

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The Trail 

To reach Sturtevant Falls, start from Chantry Flats and follow the paved road to Roberts Camp. This is a group of quaint quiet cottages surrounded by ivy-covered oak trees and bays. The holiday camps at the turn of the century are definitely not empty, but you may not see any residents. 

The hike starts on a 1km steep sidewalk and then descends to the Roberts Camp and the Gabrielino Trail. 

 If you want to walk on the sidewalks in Los Angeles, there is an alternative route to Camp Roberts. After reaching the top, the road will pass directly through the intersection with First Water Trail. This trail passes along the mountains, in the Santa Claus Castain, Florida, Roberts Camberg. 

At the bottom, if you turn from the canyon and go downwards, you would reach Hermit Falls, but if you head upwards from the canyon, you will pass the creek past Roberts Camp cabins, which will merge in the main trail. The route is one mile long, as compared to the 0.6 miles down the paved road.

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Gabrielino Trail 

Through the road at Roberts Camp, cross the bridge to an intersection. Go straight and follow the signs for Gabrielino Trail to Sturtevant Falls. Leave the Lower Winter Creek Trail to Hoegees Camp

Hike along the wide path to Santa Anita Canyon and enjoy the peaceful sound of the creek. At some stream intersections, rock hopping is required at some steps, but without it, what would a waterfall hike be like? 

Three-quarters of a mile from Camp Roberts, Gabriellino Trail branches to the left, directing to Spruce Grove Camp. Cross the intersection and continue straight up the gorge for a quarter of a mile. After climbing 120 meters from Roberts Camp,  you will be treated to stunning views of Sturtevant Falls. 

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The waterfall is a sight worth savoring and wetting your feet. The large room at the bottom of the waterfall provides excellent viewing space for the 60-foot waterfall.

Thus, we can say that Sturtevant Falls is a phenomenal natural wonder in San Gabriel, falling from a green moss carpet into a wide pool. Pack a picnic so you can enjoy the extended views from next to Sturtevant Falls before setting off again. 

To extend this hike, head to Sturtevant Falls on the Gabrielino Trail and to Spruce Grove Camp. In addition, you can add hiking trails from Camp Roberts to Camp Haggis or Hermit Falls. Sturtevant Falls can also be visited as part of the Santa Anita Canyon Loop, a 15-mile hike to the San Gabriel Mountains.

To Reach The Trailhead: 

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Take Highway 210 to Arcadia, east of Pasadena. Take exit 32 onto Santa Anita Avenue and head north at the end of the exit. Drive along Santa Anita Avenue for 5 miles and enter the mountains. At the end of the street is Chantry Flats. 

When you finally see the Sturtevant waterfalls, you will realize how tall and beautiful they really are. The falls are so enchanting and sprawling, and every bit of the hype, and there are always hundreds of people having fun near the falls. Especially during the summer, this place is probably swamped with visitors even though there is not a lot of water.

If you love stunning waterfalls and hiking trails then this place is highly recommended, especially in spring. This is an amazing place to escape city life and provides good engagement that almost anyone can do.

Plan your trip and devote at least 3 hours, because you will want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wander around the waterfall. If you want a longer hike, you can also head down to Hermit Falls, another beautiful waterfall in the area. This is all for Sturtevant Falls, do tells us if you liked the post.

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