Taiwan- The country with a rainbow village!

Here are few facts about Taiwan- The country with a rainbow village!

15. You might have heard that a clean plate signifies a sign of appreciation of your host’s efforts. But, in Taiwanese culture, a clean plate, or worse, an empty table, means that the host didn’t prepare enough food and that the guests are still hungry.

14. Taiwan has a ghost month it comes around once a year, and it’s a time when the spirits of the underworld are free to roam the land of the living. They have rules such as visitors often can’t get their head around, no moving house, no going out alone at night, no whistling especially at night, and no swimming.

13. Taiwan has a wonderful rainbow village!. Grandpa Rainbow, or veteran Huang Yung-Fu, picked up his paintbrush one day and decided to spruce up the boring looking concrete into a village of color.

12. There is an alley that lies inside the Huaxi Tourist Night Market for only the brave to explore. Snakes are offered as a delicacy in multiple forms, fried, boiled, and even as wine. If you don’t like the cuisine, this place still offers a cultural experience.

11. There’s a ritual that looks like standing in the Line of Fire. During the Lantern Festival, locals in Yanshui kit themselves out in helmets and thick clothing before standing amid beehive-like structures laden with fireworks. It’s a celebration of a local god.

10. Taiwanese have a Fear of Four. 4 is considered one of the unluckiest digits as in Chinese it sounds similar to the word for death. Hospitals have no 4th floor, and quite often apartments on the 4th floor are cheaper than other levels.

9. Bubble tea, also called boba or pearl tea, has countless variations starting from the traditional milk tea with tapioca balls to refreshing fruit tea served with coconut jelly.

8. They’ve got bats in parks, flying around all over the place. In public parks, with kids running around too. They are all fine with this. Which may seem too weird to the other parts of the world.  

7. The idea of people eating from toilets is truly baffling Yet, the Taiwan Toilet-Restaurant continues to flourish. The Modern Toilet Chicken Curry and soft-serve ice cream are highly recommended food items.

6. There’s a place where you can sleep with the fishes. Literally. At the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in Pingtung, visitors can choose to camp overnight in the museum or aquarium.

5. In Taiwan, white symbolizes death. It is worn at funerals. Red is used at weddings.  It is the color of passion and love universally so why shouldn’t it be used at weddings?  

4. Another interesting point among the facts about Taiwan is that it has a unique way of collecting trash. The garbage trucks go round the town and collect the garbage straight from the people. The trucks play Für Elise to prompt people to bring their garbage to the truck. During the holidays, the truck drivers switch to Christmas mode and play Christmas songs.

3. Taiwanese have pole dancers at funerals. The most unusual tradition is the appearance of pole dancers or even strippers at some point in the ceremony. This is said to appease the wandering spirits of the dead and creates a carnival-like atmosphere for the living.  

2. The national dish is stinky tofu, It’s hard on the nose but easy on the tongue. It is a Taiwanese form of fermented tofu that has a strong, pungent odor, which can be smelled from 300 meters distance.

1.It was the first Asian country to make gay marriage legal in 2019. Compared to its neighboring countries like Japan, Korea, and China where LGBT people face discrimination, Taiwan is forward-thinking and progressive.

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