Script Writing Assessment

In this short assessment you can refer the template to prepare your own references during research.

Then make a short script. Submit the short script and the google sheet of references.

Get your references template by clicking the button below. Copy template and edit for your topic.

How to do the assignment?

Step 1

Copy the template structure. Go through it and understand the template. .

Step 2

Do your research on the topic and prepare them in the google sheet. Copy the template to save time.

Step 3

You don't have to write a long proper script as this is just a screening test. Just want to understand your flow and storyline so a short script should do. If you're in the next round we will discuss your script with you.

Step 4

Email your sheet and short script to [email protected] with cc to [email protected] and we will set up an interview. Try making a good intro, and one or two short examples that will make it ready for discussing.