The Food And Beverages Department In Hotels

The Department of Food and Beverage is one of the most essential among all other departments. They are responsible to maintain the quality of food and services. The team of food and beverages makes sure that restaurants are managed smoothly. Also, they are the ones who decide the type of food and beverages along with their costings.

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The food or beverages that are prepared in the kitchen has to be served at different places in a hotel. Some of them are restaurants, bars, guestrooms, etc. Hence, it is important to have high maintenance and efficiency of the department. They require a team who are experts in this field and know how to do their job correctly. This is one of the major concerns of all the hotels.

Roles And Responsibilities

There are various crucial roles and responsibilities of the food and beverage department in a hotel. It holds vital importance for them to make sure that all of it is done. Here are some pointers which explain their roles and responsibilities:

  • Proper functioning of the food outlets in a hotel. These may include restaurants, pubs, bars, guestrooms, lounges, banquets, etc.
  • The production of food is looked after carefully. It is so because it is extremely important to produce high-quality food and beverages.
  • They also have to make sure that they have the right tools and ingredients. It is their responsibility to get all the necessary stuff from the shop. This has to be done with the right measurements so that nothing is wasted in the process.
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  • Hygiene has to be the most vital part of all the other processes. It is super important for the food and beverages to be prepared in a hygienic environment. The taste and texture also depend on the hygiene conditions during the time of preparation.
  • The updating of menus and including new ideas on the plate is also a task. They have to be updated about the type of food or cuisine that is preferred in the market. Necessary changes in the theme and menu should be done for advancements.
  • Revenue generation is a task that helps them get their returns. The costings of the food and beverages along with its increase and decrease is managed by them.
  • Organization of any sort of events is done by them. Be it birthday parties, weddings, receptions, or office events, they make sure that they produce and provide the food at the right time.

Staffs And Functioning

The staffs who work under the food and beverages department are responsible for its functioning. Some of them are at very high posts in a hotel. Some of the important types of staff that are required in this department are as follows:

  • Restaurant Manager

The restaurant manager is responsible to look after the budget for food and beverages. They are the ones who implement the sales promotional activities. Also, they train the staff and monitor the service standards. The maintenance of the stock records of the tools and ingredients is also done by them.

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  • Head Waiter

The head waiter is responsible for bookings and updating them every now and then. They are the ones who reserve the tables and allocate them to particular stations. Guests are greeted by them on arrival and made seated by them.

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  • Station Head Waiter

The station head waiter is responsible for the team of waiters. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the taste of food and beverages. He or she guides the team and plans their functioning. Taking or orders and delivering at the right time is their essential job.

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  • Waiter

The waiter is the one who acts according to the directions of the chef. He or she does the entire service. Later, the cleaning of tables is done by them.

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These were some of the essential staff who help in the functioning of the food and beverages department. The jobs of each of them are precise and should be done in an appropriate manner. The high maintenance and quality of food is a determining factor in a hotel’s reputation.

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