The Sales And Marketing Department In Hotels

The Sales and Marketing Department in hotels is undoubtedly one of the most vital departments. This department directly correlated to the profitability of the hotel business. This area of the hospitality industry maximizes the hotel’s revenue. They develop strategies and business plans so that the whole business flourishes.

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The department of sales and marketing deals with business verticals such as room occupancy, event spaces, etc. They also keep a track of leisure facilities and restaurants. There exist separate teams to manage different sections of a hotel. Usually, the marketing team is employed by the corporate office. It can also be employed by the respective hotel itself. In the cases mentioned, this team will either work in a corporate office or at the hotel premises.

Roles And Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the department of sales and marketing are quite extensive. To understand it on a deeper level, here are certain important pointers:

  • Brand Advertising

Brand advertising is a crucial part of the sales and marketing of the business. This aspect involves developing marketing strategies and plans. It is made sure that media schedules are developed and marketing camps are executed. The team members work closely with the advertising agencies.

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  • E-Commerce

E-commerce is also a major job of the sales and marketing department. In the process of dealing with e-commerce, the team has to do various kinds of stuff. They have to develop and execute online marketing and advertising plans. Management of the website along with online bookings and promotions is dealt with. Also, they work closely with the digital marketing agency.

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  • PR And Communications

Public Relations and Communications help to work in accordance with people. In this aspect of the job, the team works on content creation and upliftment of social media. Coordination with media is done for editorial coverage. Also, relationships are cultivated with influencers and key opinion leaders. Furthermore, crisis communications are also dealt with under this spectrum.

  • Events And Activations

Events and Activations is also a broad spectrum that has to be managed. Different events and activities are conducted in order to showcase the property and services. Planning and execution of the events should be done successfully. Also, the guest list should be created and managed.

These were a few responsibilities of the sales and marketing department in hotels. All of these roles should be dealt with seriously because they can impact the reputation of the hotel.

Staffs And Functioning

The team of the sales and marketing work in accordance with the sales and marketing manager. He or she heads the whole team and is responsible for various tasks. The team has to work closely with each other in order to receive optimum results. Some of the important skills of the team members are as follows:

  • Confident in dealing with people
  • Knowledge of presentation skills
  • Must be an amazing negotiator
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • Knowledge regarding the current technology used
  • Should be creative to come up with innovative ideas
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These were some of the main skills that the members of the sales and marketing department must possess. These skills help them to deal with any sort of obstacles that may occur. It also helps to ease out the total responsibilities of the team members.

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