Things To Do At Universal Studios Hollywood

Planning a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood? Overwhelmed by the sea of options to choose from? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Being the only authentic working movie studio and theme park, Universal Studios Hollywood has made its way into people’s hearts. Universal Studio Hollywood has never proved to be disappointing, no matter what genre, they have an adventure waiting for you right there.

You must be wondering what makes Universal Studios Hollywood so special. Well, it has not one but tons of things that make it so special. And we have the perfect list that’ll make sure you have a memorable time!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Potterheads’ paradise! This place gives you the remarkable experience of everything you ever imagined Hogwarts to be. Hop onto the Flight of the Hippogriff to enjoy the thrill of riding a mystical creature! You may also want to check out Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey to quench your thirst to know more about magic! Wondering where you can get some Hogwarts merchandise? Do visit Hogsmeade and get yourself one of the coolest merchandise.

Also, check out Ollivanders to see some wand wizardry! If you like music, we’d suggest watching the Frog Choir. This is sure to make your jaws drop! Catch the Triwizard Spirit Rally to witness one of the most sought-after parades. All this excitement is sure to make you hungry. Head over to Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head, or Magic Neep Cart and enjoy a scrumptious meal! Don’t forget to get some legendary Butterbeer. You may want to take back a few moments. We suggest a quick run to one of the stores in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Jurassic World – The Ride

Want to enjoy the thrill of being chased by a dinosaur? Jurassic World- The Ride is the solution. Experience the rush of being trampled by a humongous dinosaur in the wild. You’re sure to have goosebumps! Do visit the Raptor Encounter and DinoPlay to see the friendly side of these deathly creatures. The adventure could get your tummy growling. Enjoy a delicious meal at the Jurassic Cafe. Need a cool drink to beat the heat? We recommend trying out Isla Nu-Bar for some refreshments. Do not miss the Jurassic Outfitters where you can find merchandise to remember this memorable day.

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Fast and Furious – Supercharged

Experience the thrill of being in a high-speed car race as this ride glides through a speed of 120 miles per hour. The best part is that you get to ride this along with the all-star cast in hit movies. This is definitely one of the most exceptional experiences owing to the hyper-realistic special effects that make this one of a kind. Fast and Furious – Supercharged is definitely a must-visit.

Springfield – The Simpsons Ride

Hop onto this crazy adventure where the Simpsons welcome you as a part of their wild family. Crash Through Krustyland is one of the most fun yet exhilarating rides that Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer. You’re sure to feel a range of emotions between fear and excitement as you make your way through Springfield. Springfield – The Simpsons Ride is surely an unforgettable adventure.

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Despicable Me – Minion Mayhem

Go bananas over the funniest, cutest ride ever! Encounter the adorable minions and villain Gru as you ride Despicable Me – Minion Mayhem. The 3-D digital animation used here is so life-like that you’ll feel like you’re actually entering Gru’s evil laboratory. A fun adventure for both kids as well as adults, this ride transports you to another dimension.

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Transformers – The Ride 3-D

Transformers –  The Ride 3-D is one of the most jaw-dropping rides. Defeat Optimum Prime and emerge as the true hero of the human race as you take this exceptional ride. Fighting justice in a fun yet thrilling way is definitely the dream. Make these dreams come true!

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Studio Tour

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood without taking a Studio Tour just seems unfair. Do join the studio tour that takes you to get to witness every exciting thing that happens behind the curtains. These behind-the-scenes are where all the magic happens. We are sure you’d like to see the fascinating ideas behind these excellent movies.

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Halloween Horror Nights

Want to feel the rush of being terrified by a make-believe ghost? Halloween Horror Nights is the place for you! Enjoy the spine-chilling experience of being haunted by a ghost from an abandoned building as you make your way through this place. Make the best of Halloween by visiting the Halloween Holiday Nights.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a splash of cool water on sunny days? Enjoy the explosive tidal waves as they hit your face when you least expect them. Some “woo-hoos” are on their way as you travel through WaterWorld. From jumping jet skiers to perilous plunges, this show has every excitement possible.

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Shopping and Entertainment at Hollywood Citywalk

After such a fun-filled day, we’re sure you’d want to take back some memorabilia. Do visit the merchandise stores and treat yourself to a shopping spree Head over to the Hollywood Citywalk and catch a few movies at Universal Cinema, where it all started.

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Universal Studios Hollywood should definitely be on your bucket list. If not, add it, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

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