Things To Do In Mendocino Beach

Mendocino is located in Northern California and is situated in the coastal regions of the place. This place is renowned for its cliffside trails and beaches. The trails and beaches belong to the Mendocino Headlands State Park. This place allures the visitors with the natural beauty that it has to offer. It has an elevation of 47 m and is spread across an area of 19.22km square.

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This place offers a scenic drive along the coastline of California’s Pacific. There are numerous beaches, old-time fishing villages, and historic lighthouses as well. This place is indeed a gem that one shouldn’t miss. Each turn of the road offers jaw-dropping views. Here are some places to visit and things to do when on Mendocino Coast.

  • Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is spread across an area of 47 acres in Fort Bragg, California. It is located in a coastal land between canyons, coastal bluffs, and coniferous forests. This place comes between California’s Highway One and the Pacific Ocean. It has a moderate climate at all times. This allows the propagation of delicate plants which could not survive in harsh conditions.

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The Rhododendron is the highlight of the place. It has approximately 125 species of flowering shrubs. Some other vital collections of the garden include begonias, fuchsias, heritage roses, and succulents. One can enjoy doing many things here. Bird and whale watching, organic garden demonstrations, and mushroom identification are some of them.

  • Glass Beach, Mendocino Coast

Glass Beach is located around 120 miles from San Francisco in Fort Bragg, California. This beach is adjacent to MacKerricher State Park. It is one of the most fascinating beaches one can come across. Each pebble of this beach is made up of a fine rounded piece of glass. This place is a perfect example of human mistake turned into a gem of its own kind.

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There exists a story behind the glass pebbles found at the beach. It is said that every time a sailor is taken by the sea, the mermaids cry for them. Their tears eventually turn into sea glass. Fascinating isn’t it?! But the reality is much harsh than the story. A huge amount of debris was dumped into the sea after the earthquake which hit San Francisco in 1906.

  • Mendocino Headlands State Park

Mendocino Headlands State Park is a State Park in California. This park consists of 347 acres of land which are undeveloped seaside bluffs and islets. They surround the town of Mendocino, two beaches, and the larger Big River unit. It surrounds the beautiful Mendocino village on three sides.

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This place has a breathtaking mixture of secluded beaches and rugged coastline. One can enjoy hiking along the edge of the cliff. The place offers stunning views of rock arches and dark, hidden grottos.

  • Mendocino County Farmers Market

If one wants to dive into the local flavors of Mendocino County, the farmer’s market is the best place for them. Mendocino County Farmers Market is a place where one can get all sorts of colors, smells, and textures. Olives, apples, beef, goat, and the list goes on. Certified farmers can sell their products in the market. With some great background music, one can explore the market for the whole day.

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It is always good to buy kinds of stuff from the locals because it aids them. The food is much fresher and tastes better. It also promotes open space, biodiversity and creates food security in the community. This place looks and feels so good that one will never regret visiting it.

  • Russian Gulch State Park

Russian Gulch State Park is a coastal reserve with a heavily forested gulch. This place is extremely beautiful with two miles of rugged beaches. It consists of a collapsed sea cave which is known as The Devil’s Punchbowl. One can enjoy many fun activities in Russian Gulch State Park. Hiking, camping, horse riding, and biking are to name a few.

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It offers an awesome place for picnic spots. One can even go swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking in the Pacific. Visitors also enjoy the view of various species of birds and animals that are found there.

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