Top 10 Epic Libraries Around The World

Top 10 Epic Libraries Around The World

Whenever we are in doubt we go to the library to resolve our queries. For book lovers, nothing can be more amazing than exploring a library. Libraries are not only a great place to explore various books, but it also holds a lot of precious manuscripts, documents, and so on which are essential to know about our past.

There are a few libraries in the world which can amaze anyone, not only because of their grand and beautiful architecture but also as it holds thousands of rare documents on its shelves. Here we are going to cover the top 10 epic libraries around the world which can amaze you with its magnificence. So without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

George Peabody Library, Baltimore  

George Peabody Library, Baltimore is a part of John Hopkins University and the library holds many special collections, some of these collections even date back to the 19th century. The library has a 61-foot-high atrium, beautiful black and white marble flooring, numerous balconies, and golden columns. It is often referred to as the “Cathedral of Books” for its huge collection of books. The library has a collection of around 300,000 volumes which cover everything from religion, British art, architecture, topography and history!

The Library of Birmingham  

Next on our list, it is The Library of Birmingham. The construction of this library was completed in the year of 2013. The library was inaugurated by the peace Nobel prize winner Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai. The exterior of the library is covered with a pattern of 5,357 overlapping rings which represents the city’s jewellery quarter.

Clementinum, Prague  

Clementinum for Prague is another epic library which was initially started in the year 1622, with just one book. The library was built by Jesuits. The extensive grounds of this library are one of the largest building complexes in the whole of Europe.

The beautiful interior of the library which holds more 20,000 rare collections of books makes it one of the top 10 epic libraries around the world. Classical music concerts also take place regularly to entertain the visitors which they explore the beauty of this grand library.

Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro  

The Royal Portuguese Reading Room of Rio de Janeiro was founded by a group of 43 Portuguese immigrants who wanted to promote their culture and literature among the Portuguese communities living in Brazil.

The library was built in the Neo-Manueline style with a limestone exterior showcasing statues of some of the renowned Portuguese explorers such as Pedro Alvares Cabral, Luis de Camoes, Infante D. Henrique, and Vasco da Gama. The library currently holds the largest collection of Portuguese literature outside of Portugal.

New York Public Library, New York  

The New York Public Library is majestic for its reach and inclusiveness. As the third-largest library in North America which holds more than 50 million collections. The library has a Rose Main Reading Room, which acts as the main hall of the library, along with large windows and its 52-foot walls.

The library has a large collection of American literature and printed materials. The New York Public Library was also featured in several feature films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Ghost busters and so on.

Trinity College Old Library, Dublin  

The Trinity College Old Library of Dublin is located centrally and is a must-see place while visiting the Dublin city. The library is a part of one of the oldest colleges, Trinity College, Dublin. The library has 200 feet long with barrel-vaulted ceilings and marble busts of famous authors lining its walkway which will bring visitors back to the 18th century when the magnificent Old Library building was constructed.

Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart  

Stuttgart City library which is located very close to the Stuttgart’s main train station. The South Korean architect Eun Young Yi designed this epic library, which is designed as an upside-down pyramid and also has a brilliant white, five-stored reading room. The roof panels of the library emit blue light at night which offer a mesmerizing experience to the visitors.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria 

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is built on a majestic site alongside Alexandria’s ancient harbour as an important centre of the city which holds more than 4 million books. The reading room of Alexandria’s public library is designed to bend towards the sea like a sundial. The grey granite walls of the library are decorated with letters and characters of more than a hundred different languages.


The library preserves one of the most important collections of Greek, Latin and Oriental manuscripts from all the world. Some of the most famous ones are Iliad from the 5th and 6th century, and the chronology Magna by Fra Paolino, which was the first book ever printed in Venice.

The Library holds one of the largest classical text collections of the world as it has more than 750,000 books in its collection. Visitors can find artworks by some of the famous Venetian artists such as Titian and Tintoretto adorn the walls of the library.

Beitou Branch of the Taipei Public Library, Taiwan  

The library is the first eco-friendly library and is regarded as a green library in Taiwan. This unique structure is located in the lush green environments of Beitou Hot Spring Park, which is placed very near the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. The structure was constructed using large french windows which bring the natural light inside the library and easily blend in with the surrounding environment. The library also holds more than 20,000 books in English and Chinese.

The library was mainly built using wood and steel, giving it a look of a large tree house, waiting to welcome visitors. This eco-friendly library of Taiwan makes acts as a great place for bookworms as well as the environment lovers which run with water reclamation, solar panels, and natural ventilation to reduce the overall impact of the built-up environment on nature.

So now you have it! these are the top 10 epic libraries around the world. There are more libraries which are equally epic and offer a lifetime memory to its visitors, but these 10 libraries make themselves unique by offering a huge collection along with a mesmerizing beauty to the visitors.