Top 20 Business Ideas For Beginners

  1. Advertising

A small digital marketing or advertisement agency requires a small setup and less investment. You can start it from home also. The main work of advertising agency is to create, plan and handle advertisement and promotional requirement of client.

Agency needs to arrange placement for the advertisement on a commission basis. Advertisement agency is one of the best business ideas for the beginners in India.

2.      Courier or Delivery Services

Courier or Delivery service is next business idea for the beginners. The task of courier company is to deliver things on time at the different destination. This business idea requires investment in a range of 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh. You can tie up with reputed courier company to start with.

3. Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is considered as one of the easy business ideas for the beginner. In this business idea, you need to take a contract of house cleaning and arrange manpower for the same. This idea requires a skill for people management.

4. Blogging

Blogging is part time easy to implement low investment business idea for the beginner. You just need to have technical knowledge and skill to express yourself. You can earn a lot of money by direct advertisement from your blog.

5. Photography

If you are good at taking photographs this business could for you. You just need a good camera and few contacts in order to start this business. A success of this business depends on your capability and creativity to deliver the desired result.

6. Tuition Class

Tuition class is next business idea for the beginners. This business can be started from home with minimum or no investment. You should be very good at teaching and learning in order to start your own tuition class.

7. Freelancer

A freelancer is a person that bids for the project and complete it within given timeline for money. Freelancer usually accepts project related to Information technology and work online. They get work from a various site offering freelance work.

8. Child Care services

The next business idea for the beginners is child care services. In a metro city, this types of services are always in demand. You need proper place and toys in order to start this business. It is one of the best business ideas for the beginners.

9. Errand Services

You can also start a business that offers various errand services like paying a bill, picking up dry cleaning or groceries etc. In today’s busy life people need manpower for these type of errand services.

10. Hobby Class

Your hobby can turn out to be a good business option for you. You can think of starting your own hobby class. You might need to recruit people from a different area like stitching, drawing, sports etc. before starting this business.

11. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business idea for the beginners. This idea does not require much investment. In this idea, you need to become an affiliate partner of an online company like flipkart, amazon and help them to sell their product. You will get commission based on the sale of products.

12. Youtube Channel Partner

If you are from IT background and creative in nature Youtube channel partner business could be for you. In this business, you need to make your Youtube channel and upload an original video on that. You will be paid for advertisement as per channel partner program.

13. Translation Services

The next business idea for the beginner is translation services. If you know multiple languages this business is for you. You need a small place and few clients in order to start this business.

14. Accountancy Services

If you’re trained as an accountant, you can build up your own base of business or individual customers and build your own accounting business.

15. Event Planning & Management

Event planning & management is next business idea. If you have some strong organizational and communication skills, you can build up a client base and start a business planning weddings or various other events.

16. Real Estate Agency

The next business idea for the beginner is real estate agency. In order to start this business, you need contact detail of prospective buyer and seller. It is low investment business can be started from home.

17. Recruitment Services

Recruitment service is next business idea. In this business, you need to help the job seeker to find out a job. As a commission job seeker will pay one-month salary or predefined fees.

18. Yoga Center

You can become a certified yoga teacher and start your own Yoga Center. In today’s stressful life people are ready to pay money for health and relaxation.

19. Catering Business

Providing food and Catering services is another business idea for the beginner. You need to be good at planning and managing people in order to start this business. This business requires capital investment in the range of 1 Lakh to 10 Lakh.

20. Home Made Food Business

If you are good at cooking food you can start your own home made food business. This can be either tiffin service or snacks. You can either deliver it at customer door step or can open your own home made food center.