Visiting The Hearst Castle? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Do ancient art and history intrigue you? If so, then Hearst Castle should definitely be on your bucket list! 

Niched away in the hills above San Simeon, off the Central Coast of California, this magnificent castle is an architectural beauty. Formally known as La Cuesta Encantada, which is Spanish for The Enchanted Hill.

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The Hearst Castle has become one of California’s most famous historic house museums and state parks. This majestic structure was built between 1919 and 1947, making it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. Built over an area of about 40,000 acres, this historic attraction has made its way into people’s hearts. 

We would recommend a few tips to keep in mind when visiting Hearst Castle.

How To Get There?

Now that you have planned a visit to Hearst Castle, you must be wondering what is the best way to get there. Well, we have a few suggestions for you!

The Hearst Castle is situated roughly midway between San Fransisco and Los Angeles. You could take a flight to any of these metropolitan cities and drive down to the castle. It is approximately a four-hour drive from either of these cities, which seems fun if you like road trips!

Don’t want to spend 4 hours cramped up in a car? We would recommend taking a flight to the regional San Luis Obispo Airport from where the castle is just 45 miles away.

If you’re someone who prefers taking public transport, we suggest taking a train from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo. From here, a local bus would take you to the main entrance of Hearst Castle.

Where To Stay?

After planning how you’d get to the Castle, the next step is planning your place of stay. Place of stay is a pretty tricky decision as it should be good but at the same time, within your budget. 

There are a few hotels available in and around San Simeon which are budget-friendly. However, the prices may vary according to season.

The Quality Inn is nearest to the castle. If you plan on making most of your trip, this could be perfect for you!

If you’re looking to spend some time in the Wine Country, we’d suggest staying at Holiday Inn Express and Suites Paso Robles. This way you’ll be exploring more places in one vacation!

Planning to club this trip with another coastal trip? Madonna Inn is your way to go. Located in San Luis Obispo, this could be your perfect getaway!

If you’re looking for some fancier hotels, these are easily available in the vicinity too!

Tickets And Reservations

We are sure you’d love to take one of the legendary castle tours. But these can be tricky since they have just limited seats. Well, not to worry, grab your tickets at the earliest! Make sure that you book your tickets and make reservations well in time. We suggest you book tickets and choose a package that suits your needs online. This will ensure there are no last-minute hassles.

You can visit to book tickets now!


Fascinated by the number of tours you can choose from? We have your backs! Make sure you choose the tour that fits your plans the best. 

With the presence of numerous gardens, pools, hallways, etc, the Hearst Castle Tours seem best for someone who wants to see it all.

The Hearst Castle Tours include several different tours depending on your interests!  They also have specially crafted versions of tours for people in wheelchairs few of the tours are also specially crafted for people in wheelchairs or difficulty in climbing stairs. These are the Accessibly Designed Tours.

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Grand Rooms Tour

This is where you get to experience royalty, as you enter the social rooms of Casa Grande, the largest house in Hearst Castle. Witness these monumental rooms that you’ve always heard of, in fairytales! Make sure you take the Grand Rooms Tour!

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Upstairs Suites Tour

Get acquainted with the upper rooms of Casa Grande, where William Randolph Hearst lived with great supremacy! The Upstairs Suites Tour is definitely a must-visit!

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Cottages And Kitchen Tour

Ever wonder how the kitchens and chimneys of this grand Castle look like? Join the Cottages and Kitchen Tour and witness where all the magic happened! Take a look at the sophisticated cutlery that William Randolph Hearst and his family used.

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Designing The Dream Tour

Fascinated by ancient architecture?  Designing the Dream Tour is perfect for you! Explore this Castle’s grandeur that took nearly three decades to complete and was designed by Julia Morgan.

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Art Of San Simeon Tour

If you find art appealing, the Art of San Simeon Tour is the one for you! Have a look at different works of art, both old and new. This tour walks you through a beautiful era of art that San Simeon is known for. However, this is a seasonal tour and not available throughout the year, so make sure you plan your trip accordingly.

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Hearst And Hollywood Tour

This Castle used to be a hub for Hollywood’s elite. From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the new era of international rock stars, this place has seen it all! Do join the Hearst and Hollywood Tour to witness the evolution of Hollywood cinema. However, this tour is seasonal and available only during the fall.

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Julia Morgan Tour

The Julia Morgan Tour is the one that’ll inspire you to dream big, after all, she was the first woman in the USA to hold an architecture license. This tour walks you through the life of this remarkable woman and all the struggles she went through to achieve her goals.

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Evening Tour

Evenings are the best to unwind and explore. Try the Evening Tour where you can enjoy the serene aesthetics of this palatial estate as the sky changes its hues.


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Holiday Twilight Tour

This is the perfect holiday tour with celebration and happiness in the air. Witness how the Hearst family celebrated their holidays with great whim and fancy as you make your way through the Castle. Make sure you take the Holiday Twilight Tour if you plan on visiting  Hearst Castle during the holidays!

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They also have a few Private Guided Tours in case you may be interested.


The Central Coast of California is to die for, and not visiting it after planning a trip to Hearst Castle just seems unfair! Do plan a visit to William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach and experience California’s breathtaking coastlines’ golden sands and calm waters. Aren’t seals the most adorable things? Be sure to visit the elephant seal sanctuary at Piedras Blancas for an overload of cuteness!

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Gift Shop

We are sure you’d like to take back something from this amazing trip. We recommend going to any of the nearby gift shops and treating yourself to some classy memorabilia. You could get anything from scarves to small Hearst-inspired knick-knacks!

Hearst Castle outings seem perfect for families and people who appreciate art and history!

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