Rules For Camping In Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park, also known as the “land of giants”, is home to the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree in the world. The Park is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, with endless mountain views, epic rivers, huge redwood trees.

The gorgeous park, combined geographically with Kings Canyon National Park, is filled with the experience to hike and camp among some of the world’s largest trees, meadows, rivers, and deep canyons. There are so many things to do in Sequoia National Park that you could have a worthy time. It also makes for an amazing magical winter wonderland for those of you seeking snow!

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When To Visit Sequoia National Park

The suitable time to visit Sequoia National Park is from May to June. The climate is perfect, waterfalls and streams are flowing, wildlife is active, and summer crowds have not yet arrived.


The park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sometimes winter storms will close some park roads until plowing is possible. Other roads in the park are closed in winter. Due to the high altitude in the park, the climate in different areas changes a lot and the climate in the mountainous areas changes rapidly.

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How Many Days Is Enough For Sequoia National Park?

You can take a day trip to Sequoia National Park and enjoy the hiking and amazing scenery, but the best way is to spend a few days in the park.

Sequoia National Forest is connected to Kings Canyon National Park, so it is ideal to spend at least a few days exploring these two parks. If you are a hiker, this is your ideal national park because there are many hiking trails and forests for walking.

How To Reach Sequoia National Park?

Sequoia National Park can be reached from Los Angeles, the convenient route is to cover California Highway through Three Rivers. This will take you to the entrance to Ash Mountain.

If you are arriving at Sequoia National Park from the north, you will need to drive east on California Highway 180 after driving along U.S. Highway 99 towards Fresno. This will take you to the foothill entrance.

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Sequoia National Park Entrance Fee

The cost of visiting Sequoia National Park is 35 dollars for a private vehicle and 20 dollars for walking or biking. It is valid for 7 days and you can also enter Kings Canyon, National Park.

However, we recommend that you purchase the “Beautiful America” ​​pass for only $ 79.99, which covers all national parks year-round.

Things To Do At Sequoia

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Visit General Sherman And General Grant

General Sherman is the world’s largest tree, 275 feet tall and 102.6 feet in circumference. Two trails allow you to easily walk through the giant forest to see the 2,300-year-old General Sherman.

Located to the north of Sequoia National Park is Kings Canyon National Park, which was established in 1940. There is also General Grant, which is the second-largest tree in the world, with a height of 267 feet.

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Visit The Giant Forest Museum

Here you can get a deeper understanding of the key role that giant sequoias play in their ecosystem. At the Giant Forest Museum, learn about the difference between Sequoia and Coastal Sequoia, learn to identify trees in different regions, explore interactive exhibits, and more. 

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Have Fun At Lake Hume, California

Lake Hume provides beauty and a cool breeze in this place and more. Kayaks, canoes, can be rented, and trails can be accessed for mountain biking and off-road tours. There are also other water sports, and the lake contains trout suitable for fishing enthusiasts. 

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Snowshoeing Or Skiing

National Park is highly appreciated for its ranger-led activities. They are interesting, familiar, free, and can provide new perspectives for the beautiful landscape of the park. In winter, put on warm clothes and a pair of snowshoes, and then take a walk under the tall trees. If you enjoy trailing, take the country trails to Giant Forest and Grant Grove. 

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Several spots offer guided tours through Sequoia and Kings Canyon for tourists. Have a walk through Grant Grove, or plan a trip along the Monarch Divide or Rae Lakes. The latter generally requires arduous long-distance hikes, so hiking provides a convenient way to observe distant views and secluded mountain lakes. 

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Climb Moro Rock

This dome-shaped rock began to form about 100 million years ago and is one of the most popular hikes in the area. A staircase carved out of granite by the Civil Protection Team in 1931 leads to the top of the mountain at 6,725 feet above sea level, with an expansive view. See the Middle Fork and Great Western Divide to the east, the Giant Forest to the north, and the rugged, snow-capped peaks to the west. 

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Tokopah Falls Hike

At a height of 1,200 feet, Tokopah is a phenomenal and magnificent waterfall. A delightful 4.2-mile hike, the Tokopa Valley Trail passes along with the Cavi River. You can dip your feet into the stream or play in the clear pool at the bottom of the waterfall. It is not uncommon to see wild animals such as bears, panthers, and pikas in this area.’

If you don’t have enough time, but still want to see some beautiful waterfalls, you can take a short 0.3-mile hike to Roaring River Falls, or a mile walk to Grizzly Falls, both of which can be reached from the General Highway. 

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Visit The Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is open to the public from May to November and offers a variety of different tours, suitable for all types of families. The “Wild Cave Tour” attracts tourists because they will be able to walk off the beaten track, climb corridors, climb tunnels, climb over rocks.

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Visit Big Tree Trail

If you are short on time, visit the Big tree trail near the Giant forest museum, as it is an excellent way to see some of the wonderful sequoias and beautiful meadows. It covers a distance of 2/3 miles.

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Visit The Majestic Mount Whitney

The Sequoia National Park also has the highest mountain in the United States of America. Height 14,494 feet height, majestic Mount Whitney Crowns the Sequoia National park.   An experienced hiker and climber can take a mountain through several routes. The most direct route to the summit is from the east side of Sierra Nevada. You can enjoy various hiking and trekking options here.

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Try Fishing

You should visit Sierra Fly Fisher to learn how to fish for rainbow trout, wild brown trout, streams, or golden trout. You will be provided all equipment and it will take half or full-day water excursions. You can visit Clover Creek, Kings rivers, Lewis Creek, for some great fishing spots.

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Where To Stay?

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Sequoia National Park Lodging: There is only one camping ground available inside Sequoia National Park is the Wuksachi Lodge. There are some options at Kings Canyon National Park, the John Muir Lodge, the Cedar Grove Lodge, and the Grant Grove Cabins. The Cedar Grove Lodge is open from May to November.

Sequoia National Park Camping: There are seven campgrounds in Sequoia National Park. There are also several campgrounds in Sequoia National Forest, which borders Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Visit this link for further information on campgrounds in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Therefore, I hope you enjoy your trip to the second most popular national park in the USA, it is full of opportunities to explore nature. Hike in the towering redwood forest, hike to remote mountain peaks or visit underground caves. Whether you only have one day to visit or plan to stay for a long time, Sequoia National Park is sure to amaze visitors of all ages. Moreover, connecting your trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks by scenic roads, you can visit two amazing parks at once!

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