What Is Strawberry Moon?

The golden hued moon is the most colorful moon of the year, which looks mesmerizing than ever!

According to the legend of The Maine Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon is named after the relatively short season of harvesting strawberries in northeastern America. The June full moon’s arc across the sky means the moonlight travels through the core of the Earth’s atmosphere, which gives it an orange or yellow tint. Interesting, is it not, how the Universe appears so engulfing?

In regions where strawberries are not harvested, the strawberry moon is known by the names- – Rose moon, Hot moon, Honey Moon and Mead moon. Europeans call it The Hot moon as it signifies the onset of summer heat. Other sources quote Mead Moon as the Anglo-Saxon name because that is the time for mowing the meadows. In philosophy, June is traditionally the month of marriages, and is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. Following marriage comes the “honeymoon,” which may be tied to this full Moon’s name!

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This year, the strawberry moon enlightened the sky on 5th June bringing a penumbral lunar eclipse along with it. The eclipse took place because when the Earth blocked some of the light travelling from the sun to the moon, it caused the moon to appear slightly darker. In laymen language, the Moon passed through a part of the partial shadow of the Earth causing the eclipse.

An eye-catching fact about the eclipse was that it was visible from parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, but not North America. This type of eclipse is so subtle and faint that people fail to notice it, even if they face the sky directly.

After having discussed the scientific and historical meanings of the strawberry moon, let ’s talk about its spiritual significance. Spiritualists believe that if you have a workaholic or high achieving personality, it is especially important that you change your mind set with the Strawberry Full Moon. Legend has it, that during this Full Moon, it is substantial that you let go of your workload and make time for some fun and relaxation. At this time of year, when spring turns to summer and the flowers of May begin to fade, enjoy the fruits of your labor and hard work.

This pretty much sums everything you need to know about The Strawberry Moon.