What’s On The Other Side Of A Black Hole?


The name itself sounds as scary as hell! Nobody ever wants to know what is inside a thing that is so mystical that it sucks everything into it. Some theory says that when you get sucked into a black hole, you probably go through a wormhole and end up in a completely different universe. There is also a theory that suggests that there are many other worlds that we have no idea about. Sounded a bit of a sci-fi movie script, doesn’t it? As fanciful as it sounds, researchers are trying to at least prove some part of this absurd theory.

We don’t know which part of this theory is true but according to some scientists, the actual meaning of a black hole would be a place in our space that pulls everything towards it that even the light cannot escape. There is not even a chance that you can survive if you fall into it. As we know, it pulls towards itself the things which come near it, which proves it has gravity. Gravity pulls everything towards it and scientists believe that there must be some strong gravitational force inside it that attracts things into it and never comes back to space.


Sure we know that black hole sucks everything inside it but have you ever thought about what could be on the other side of the black hole? Is it another universe? Are there any aliens on the other side? Is there another side or is it just us imagining?

No one knows the exact answer to all these mysterious questions. Even the scientists are also trying every theory to know what is in there that attracts everything towards it. Some say that a black hole has a wormhole inside it that transfers you to another universe or dimension, whereas some scientists say that it might lead to a white hole that will lead you to your past.

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 Stephen Hawking, the former Cambridge University cosmologist and theoretical physicist explored that black holes emit particles and radiation which leads to quantum fluctuations. The radiation emitted would be random so it will have no data about what has fallen into it. Hawking’s theory has confused many scientists and some didn’t even believe what Hawking said. The black hole is a matter where everybody’s ideas, theories, and concepts contradict each other. No one has any idea about it but they do exist. The research is going on and so are the theories.

Hence, the answers to the questions are still hanging and we are still waiting to know about it.