Why Do We Love?

Does love make the suffering and pain depart? Is it an escape from our misery? Does it make life meaningful? Is it all we need? Do we need it at all? Is it a disguise for our sexual desires?

Well, this blog is the answer to all these questions!

Human is a social animal. We long for love, connection, intimacy, comfort and warmth to feel wanted and cared for. The answer to ‘why do we need love’ lies within ourselves, because it is subjective in nature.

However, a collective reason for falling in love, for the whole human race can be that love makes us whole again. Love and benevolence carry the power to heal broken parts, and guide us with light to help us transcend through the darkness of our misery.

Love is an escape from our loneliness. Don’t we all want that? – To have a companion through thick and thin? To know that we belong somewhere, with someone? True love is everyone’s fairy tale dream. Love saves us from the brutality of the world and our inner demons.

According to Bertrand Russel, a Nobel Prize winning British philosopher, we love to quench out physical and psychological desires. Humans are designed to procreate, but without the ecstasy of passionate love, intimacy holds no essence.  Love gives us a feeling of supremacy over the world in the sense that we feel confident, energised and happy.

We fall in love, to seek someone similar to us, who understands us in a personal, intimate way and who fulfills our emotional needs. The mystical force of love drives us into the arms of someone and for a moment, we feel whole and safe. We forget everything bad about the world. Time and Universe make no sense. It is the best feeling in the world even if people refer to it as hopeless romanticism.

Another interesting reason for falling in love is experiencing different forms of art, aesthetics and mysteries of life & human kind. Some people fall in love to explore their fetish, and experience the power of intimacy, suffering and pain that is associated with love. Love is a roller coaster ride but can sometimes end in heartbreaks. Then why do we love knowing that it makes us vulnerable and is capable of hurting us? The answer is simple – love is worth it. Love is worth the pain that comes along with it. It can be scary, overwhelming and exhilarating, but it is also the best thing in life. Without love, everything in life is meaningless.

Our fear of the brutal, cruel world makes us build hard shells to protect our guard and isolate ourselves. However, love’s delight and warmth tempts us to overcome our fear of the world, escape our lonely shells, and engage more abundantly in life. Love enriches our whole being, making it the best thing in life.

In love, we lose ourselves, but we also find ourselves. And as Ted Mosby would say, Love is the best thing we do!