Why Do We Miss Someone?

Haven’t we all missed someone terribly? Especially in this pandemic, when we all are forced to stay away from our loved ones, the feeling of missing someone is even more intense. So, why do we miss someone? Let’s find out.

Lack Of Companionship

Humans are social animals, and we need companionship. When we are away from our loved ones, we have a feeling of being deprived of this companionship, and therefore it triggers a lot of negative emotions, such as sadness, agony, irritation etc. So, when your best friend moves out of town to study or your sibling is moving out, there is a loss of companionship and hence we start to miss them.

Feeling Of Being Lonely

Generally, when we miss someone it is because their absence has created a void which is difficult to fill. This void makes us feel lonely and we start to miss that person. A sense of being lonely makes our brain wonder about the people we have in our life, but due to various reasons some distance has creeped in between us which makes us miss them even more.


Whenever we recall someone, we don’t remember how tall he was or what colour clothes he was wearing, we just remember the experience we had with him. Those experiences are our memories that we shared with them. We all cherish good memories and these memories not only makes us miss someone, but also intensifies these feelings.

Respect For Someone

Another reason for missing someone could be that you simply respect their values and view about life. For example, we miss our parents or grandparents because we respected their way of life and sometimes our life brings us to a crossroads, and during those times we wish that we had a guiding hand with us.


When we love someone our body increases the excretion of dopamine, serotonin, in addition to testosterone and estrogen. These happy hormones make us feel euphoric, and we become addicted to it. So, the absence of your special one leads to a physiological change in your body. All the chemical secretions decrease so as to bring it down to the normal levels, leading to something that people call heartache. Therefore, we start to miss them and feelings of agony surround us.

A Strong Connection

Sometimes we have a crazy instant connection with someone. We just start to click with them at all levels, similar tastes and interests or even similar personalities. It’s hard to find such connection and if you have had that connection with someone it’s likely that you will probably miss that person and that connection, simply because it was so strong and unique.

Effects Of Missing Someone

Missing someone generally leads us to feel lonely, upset, agonized and even remorse and regret sometimes. We regret that why didn’t we cherish them enough when they were with us. Such negative feelings and thoughts affect our concentration, these feelings overpower our mind and we find it difficult to think about anything else or concentrate on anything else.

So, What Can We Do To Get Rid Of Such Negative Emotions?

Engage With Your Thoughts

In order to get over something, the first step is to acceptance. Instead of pushing these thoughts to the back of the head engage with them, think about what is causing you problems, talk it out with a friend and acknowledge the fact that you miss someone and something has to be done about it. It’s okay to make a big deal about your emotions.  

Keep Yourself Busy

It is best to keep yourself busy with some or the other activity, because even if you have acceptance of the fact that you miss someone, it won’t just magically help you feel better, you have to do something about it, and the best way is to keep yourself busy. Don’t give yourself the time to ponder about negative emotions, instead channelize that energy into something more productive. Join a dance or a yoga classes, pursue a hobby, whatever makes you feel good and cathartic.

Embrace The Longing

Missing someone means that you have a close connection with someone, and you will probably meet them in the near future, if that is the case then such longings are bittersweet because when you actually meet that person, you will feel all the more happy, so embrace such longings.


To conclude, we can say missing someone, could sometimes be challenging and sometimes it could be bittersweet, but we all at some point in our life have missed someone and there’s no escaping from it, it’s a part of our life and this feeling of missing someone reminds us of all the people we ever came across in our journey of life and the experiences we shared with them.