Why Do We Need To Explore Neptune ASAP?

Ridiculously huge amounts of money are spent for space explorations if we look at our previous records 6.3 billion dollars, 25.4 billion dollars and about 160 billion dollars have already been spent on various projects before. Have you been wondering what kind of space projects are done with that huge amount of money? 6.3 billion dollars were spent on “Galileo” which is a global navigation satellite system, 25.4 billion on a series of Apollo space projects, and about 160 billion on the International Space station.

Those people who aren’t really associated with science would probably argue that why don’t we spend that amount of money on earth since we have so many problems here already. Even private investors do not see any point in investing in space explorations because this would return their costs. NASA is going to explore Neptune and this is going to change everything, the mission will not only be able to compensate for the cost of the mission, about 3.4 billion dollars but also bring much more back to Earth.

What Studies Do We Have On Neptune?

Reaching Neptune takes a long time for a spacecraft, and we’ve only done it once. In 1977, NASA launched  Voyager 2, a nuclear-powered spacecraft to fly past every big planet in the solar system, taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignment.

In August 1989, Voyager 2 passed Neptune. It detected a temperature of about -360 degrees Fahrenheit or – 220 degrees Celsius in the atmosphere, as well as wind speeds of up to 2,100 kilometers per hour, which were likely caused by the heat emanating from deep within the planet. Voyager 2 also observed the planet’s rings for the first time, as well as storms raging across the planet’s surface, the greatest of which was an anticyclone the size of Earth, akin to Jupiter’s renowned Great Red Spot.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

 NASA’s Plan: The Neptune Odyssey

NASA is working on Neptune exploration and they have named it the “Neptune Odyssey“, the spacecraft is scheduled to launch in the year 2031. The spacecraft will be well equipped with infrared cameras and visible light which will help them to take quality pictures in high resolution of the planet Neptune and also its satellites. This will only happen when the spacecraft reaches its destination in the year 2043.

So, if we look at it the project will take 10 more years to start, and to see initial results we will have to wait for around more than 20 years. But, the important part is that Neptune Odyssey might be able to become the only project which can potentially recoup its entire costs! The most exciting part of the whole exploration is to explore its moon Triton. It will be exhilarating to explore it especially when the weather is dull, why do you ask? If rain on Earth can trouble our planet, it might also bring diamond showers on Triton.


How To Get Rich Using Neptune And Its Satellite Triton

Scientists think that in the layers of ice in Neptune and Triton, diamonds can be formed. Their crystals fall down like rain on Earth resulting in the formation of a diamond ocean. speculated by scientists. A 5-carat diamond will cost you something around 50,000 dollars, therefore, to cover the cost of space exploration NASA only needs a heat-resistant robot. For example: Do you remember the Wall e robot from the movie? NASA will need to make just that which would actually collect the diamonds for them.

To cover the cost of 3.4 billion dollars, we will just need around 68,000 diamonds of 5 carats each. If we actually manage to pick extra, we will not only be able to cover the expenses for this mission but also fund future space explorations.

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