Why Do We Quit

At some point in life, we all feel like giving up. Whether it is job, relationships, or business, one day, we wake up and feel like everything is falling apart and collapsing in front of our eyes. The easiest way out of this feeling, seems quitting.

Sometimes, things can get too overwhelming to handle – work seems tiring, business does not show desired results and relationship becomes a burden. Hence, this mental, physical and emotional burn out makes us want to quit.

Let’s take an example of business/work: Your competitor is beating you, and you feel overwhelmed. Then you notice that someone opened a business, and even though they have less experience than you, they’re beating you. You feel overwhelmed. You’re not performing at a level that you should be performing, and you’re overwhelmed. Your mentor is challenging and pushing you, and you feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you’re facing certain financial issues and feel overwhelmed. At last, all this makes you want to quit.

Another reason as to why we quit is due to regret associated with bad decisions. Once our lives take a bad turn, we start losing hope and feel like letting go of everything. We forget that one bad decision, does not define our entire life.

Procrastination is slow quitting. When we keep delaying doing something, we eventually end up quitting it. The ‘I will do it tomorrow’ soon turn into ‘let’s just drop this, after all, it can’t be that important’. This becomes a habit, and we become quitters in no time.

Furthermore, self- doubt gives a momentum to quitting. Lack of self-confidence and low self-efficacy are two major reasons for quitting. This makes us weak. However, the inflection point at which we can no longer avoid paying attention to the idea of quitting—that is, the point at which our strength fails us—can be changed.

The next reason is the lack of a true commitment to whatever it is that you’ve started. It’s easy to start, but much more challenging to commit. Rather than clearly and unequivocally committing, we tend to start with “I’d like to,” “I want to,” “I should,” and “I need to.” No consistency during work also accelerates quitting before achieving our goal.  

The motivation to Quit arises in the form of the self- sabotaging stories in our head. The self-made stories are a product of our uncertainty about our worthiness. Our head tells us that we want something new and different, but the inner voice says “I don’t deserve it,” and we set ourselves up to fail.

Last but not the least, we care too much about what other people think and end up feeling like a disappointment. People give up because they fear what other people will think if they fail.

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