Work And Its Future

Have you thought about the future of work? How might you fit in? What about your next job or your next career? And what about your children? Will they be able to function in the same way in the next 10 or 20 years? What we do know as we enter the fourth Industrial Revolution is that jobs are changing.


We have moved entirely away from analog to the world of digital technology, which is playing a bigger part in our work life. We started to think about the ways we work, the ways we interact and also we started to think about actually what does work mean to us? is it a 40-hour week? is it about having one career? or is it about the flexibility to work alongside algorithms and automation? a place where people can work alongside each other, where they can work in flexible hours or part-time and contracting among those people who perhaps have been in the organization for many years.


Freelancing will become increasingly popular. The idea of remote learning or remote working, the idea where people could be sitting across the world and working on your project with you is fascinating itself.

What we need to ensure is that we don’t get left behind the idea when people talk about blockchain or when they think about the internet or how automation might change the way we work, we should not be fearful of these things rather we should actually learn how to embrace them.


When we think about automation, we often imagine a world where so many people are displaced from their work. However, the actual reality is that we have more job vacancies globally right now. There is an increasing demand for various skill sets. All of them require confidence and they also require the understanding of the new world.

So, when we think about automation we have to think about what skills we can bring to work alongside those algorithms for those robots or perhaps for those humanoids in the future.

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We have to figure out how do we become digital and be open to this idea? If we can identify that then there’s a whole lot of new terminology, new technologies, new ways of working, new business models that are going to shape our future.

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We need to get excited about the idea that we have a world of opportunity ahead of us. A place where we can all succeed and thrive and work on projects, that we love, that we feel really socially connected with. What we need to be thinking about is our open mindset, our willingness and preparation for the world where we can actually get a hit around the terminology and we can think about how we might embrace the new ways of working. Finally, feel confident about your place on the road ahead.