All About Food Science And Technology

Food science refers to a multidisciplinary field dealing with all scientific aspects of food. It involves the study of chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering. This study helps gain scientific knowledge and grow an aspect of it. One can then solve real-life problems which are associated with food. This study involves a deep understanding of …

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What Are Future Travel Trends?

Until 1.5 years ago, all we could hear from the outside world was the crunch of furtive footsteps in the gully outside our houses, the unmistakable chirping of birds, the low rumble of a goods aircraft above our heads, and the occasional shriek from the neighbour’s kids bellowing to each other from across the road …

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What Are Bubble Holidays?

Tired of siting at home in this pandemic? Want to go on a trip? This article will help you clear your doubts about safe and sanitised travelling without getting affected by the virus. Even sources of escape like movies and web series cannot wash out the urge of travelling somewhere. Travelling is something which cannot …

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Why Is Gir National Park So Popular?

The Gir Forests- the largest compact tract of dry deciduous forests in the semi-arid western part of India is the last abode of the big and regal predator, Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica), an endangered animal species. The sanctuary is internationally acclaimed for successfully saving this precious species from the brink of extinction. It was …

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